Hypertec Systems

Founded in 1986, Hypertec Systems is a global technology provider that specializes in the delivery of integrated hardware and software solutions, IT maintenance, professional services and healthcare-related solutions. With its extensive product offering, including a full range of complementary services related to the design, implementation, management and maintenance of IT infrastructure and the nation’s highest integration capacity, Hypertec Systems is considered to be one of the premier Value Added Resellers in Canada. The company’s products and services are employed by organizations in such sectors as finance, aerospace, engineering, transport, retail, oil and gas, healthcare, government, education, to name a few.

By sourcing products through its long established vendor alliances that include all major manufacturers, Hypertec Systems is able to offer an unparalleled selection of IT and healthcare-related products together with a broad range of software. Hypertec Systems also operates numerous asset management, integration and hardware service facilities containing the necessary infrastructure and certified personnel to store, integrate and maintain virtually any type of IT or healthcare-related equipment or data.

Hypertec Systems assigns a very high level of  importance to its quality assurance and has incorporated into its organizational structure both internal and external quality auditing practices – Hypertec Systems is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 – not only to preserve but also to continuously improve its processes to ultimately better serve its customers.