Success through customer satisfaction

The Hypertec Group is an integrator, manufacturer and service provider of information technology products and services. Since its inception more than 25 years ago and due to its continuous dedication to innovation, research and development, and long-term collaborative relationships, Hypertec Group is now a global leader in the field of information technology. With operations in nine locations across North America, the Hypertec Group services customers ranging in size from small to Fortune 500 located in more than 70 countries. From the sale of brand name personal computers to government agencies to the design and implementation of a customized supercomputer for a multinational car manufacturer, Hypertec Group has established a reputation of building a wide array of quality information technology solutions for customers in all sectors.

Hypertec Systems was the first IT product division established within the Hypertec Group in 1986. Hypertec Systems achieved much of its success in the beginning by leveraging the existing client base developed by the two founders and former consultants, Robert and David Ahdoot. This client base consisted primarily of major financial institutions and other medium to large corporations seeking to computerize their operations. As the years passed, Hypertec Systems continued to experience significant growth, and, accordingly, formed strategic alliances with a growing number of manufacturers within the field which further induced growth. In 1991, Hypertec Systems was the first Canadian company in its industry to acquire the ISO 9001 certification.

The quality of its services and the strength of its alliances has proven to be a major contributing factor in Hypertec Systems’ success, as the company now boasts one of the largest range of IT products in the industry and is also recognized for outstanding quality service.

The Hypertec Group continues to distinguish itself by diversifying and continuing to innovate in the area of information technology and other related fields. Global corporations entrust us with the task of providing them with innovative solutions adapted to meet their specific business needs. The Hypertec Group has plans to propel its expansion projects and operations into the USA, Latin America and Europe.

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