Custom integration services to accelerate
your IT projects

Backed by over two decades of manufacturing experience through its internal partnerships within the Hypertec Group, Hypertec Systems’ integration services offer a high degree of reliability and flexibility that can be tailored and adjusted to the customer’s unique requirements. Our services include hardware testing, rack integration, custom assembly and upgrades, operating system and/or application image loading and pre-configuration, Installations Moves Adds or Changes (IMAC) support services and asset management services.

Using our large capacity facilities and various tools designed specifically for integration activities, our experienced certified technicians are capable of integrating thousands of systems per day and are thus capable of supporting any large-scale server or workstation rollout. In addition, the facilities used for integration activities are also equipped with large warehouses and secure storage spaces that can prove to be a valuable option for a customer wishing to receive its ready-to-use equipment in phases.

Another dimension of our integration services is our asset management service. We can assist customers by maintaining a meticulous inventory of their technology, by asset tagging, as well as by proactively tracking licenses, expiries, warranties and service calls on an ongoing basis. The asset management service is particularly important to medium and large enterprises which support hundreds or thousands of employees working on a wide range of software packages.

Finally, as is the case for any other service offered by Hypertec Systems, the processes and methodologies used for the integration activities performed by our technicians are continuously updated and annually audited as part of our ISO 9001 certification requirements.

What we offer

  • Custom rack integration & cabling

  • Application image loading

  • Asset management

  • IT hardware testing

  • Custom assembly & upgrades

  • Asset tagging & labelling

  • Green environment (RoHS/WEEE compliant)

  • Integration facilities available 24/7/365

  • ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified service

  • ERP integrated real-time progress tracking

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